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Talisman By @manonlaime
Talisman By
Talisman By


Can you tell us what defines you the most? Manon's answer

What is important to you in life? Manon's answer

What do you love? What are your favorite tribes? Manon's answer

Talisman By

The story of your Talisman

Can you tell us about your encounter with Talisman By?
Manon's answer

What is the story behind your talisman? Manon's answer

How do you wear your jewel every day ? Manon's answer

Talisman By

Your favorites Talisman

Which talisman did you choose for your heart tribe? Manon's answer

What would be your selection from our range for a future favorite? Reply by Manon

  • "I chose this jewel because it looks like me, xxxxx It is particularly special to me because xxxx"