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Caring for your Talisman Byjewellery

We hope you will wear your Talisman By jewellery every day. However, we would recommend removing it on certain occasions, particularly during sporting activities or when carrying out manual work. To help retain its beautiful appearance, clean it regularly with water and pH-neutral soap. You can use a soft brush to remove any impurities. Then rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. When you are not wearing your jewellery, place it inside its original pouch without mixing it with other pieces of jewellery to avoid any rubbing or scratching. Avoid any contact with sand, cosmetics and detergents which could damage your jewellery. We know how important your Talisman By jewellery is to you. We offer an annual checking and restoration service on the anniversary of purchasing for a period of 10 years. (excluding any necessary repairs, for which we would send you a quote).