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La Maison


Talisman By, customised jewellery for your heart's tribes.

Founded in 2020, Talisman By is a digital jewellery brand with a global, ethical and decidedly contemporary outlook .
Unifying, welcoming, sincere and authentic, it puts people and their relationships at the heart of its design.

Talisman By allows you to imagine jewellery collections that embody the bonds you share between family, friends...

Evoking emotions and memories, strong friendships, love stories or special occasions, the jewellery enables the wearer to feel the presence of a loved one however far apart. It becomes an enduring link, filled with energy, life, joy and strength, a sign of unity within your tribe.   It becomes an indestructible link, full of energy and life, joy and strength, a sign of unity within your heart's tribe.


A new vision of jewellery: putting technology right at the heart of the experience

We are convinced that technology can be a powerful way to convey emotions. At Talisman By, technology goes hand in hand with customisation: for the design of the jewellery, from designing the jewellery to personalising it and sharing it with your tribe.

Customised jewellery, the ultimate  in luxury experience

The Talisman By collections are infinitely customisable, or almost! Everyone is invited to create the jewel that looks like him or her, alone or with others, possibly accompanied by our design studio. The House breaks the codes of traditional jewellery and pushes the possibility of this free creativity to the point of associating its name with the person who imagines its jewel. The quintessence of made-to-measure luxury becomes more accessible and makes it possible to create and offer memories for important moments in life: births, birthdays, celebrations with friends, weddings...

A responsible jewellery house

Each Talisman By jewel is made to order and comes to life in our partner workshops in Italy. While it carries all the genes of luxury, it also embodies the desire of a luxury House to offer modern jewellery in its design, distribution and manufacture. Talisman By makes every effort to offer up-cycling on each of its raw materials: gold, diamonds, coloured stones, leather, textiles, paper. In the same spirit, we suggest that you add a family stone to the jewel you have created, making it a moving passage of time. A second life that adds even more meaning and value to its creation and writes a new page in its history.


Talisman By is above all a shield

A universal emblem used for centuries to identify a family, a clan, a university, a state,..., the shield has become a support for the seal of a sports victory or a memorable award, sometimes even becoming a collection of a personal identity sign. A true blank page of the imagination, an obvious way to establish the creative basis of Talisman By. Purified to the extreme, the shield according to Talisman By is made of gold or cut from a fine stone. Solid or openwork, it opens the field to all possibilities: engraving a name, a date, initials or a motif, inlaying a stone... No rules, no diktat, just let your imagination run free to create the jewel that looks like you and brings you together.

" Talisman By is the joyful and sunny House that invites you to join it with your heart's tribe.
- The Talisfriends