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Our commitments, Our beliefs

Our commitments

The promise of a personalized jewel, which looks like you, made to order.

The jewelry collection configurator offers more than 100,000 possibilities to meet your desires: choice of gold color, paving, type of stones or engravings... Our design studio can also make personalized proposals: to better understand your desires and offer you a collection that resembles you, we invite you to answer a few questions that will serve as a basis for reflection for our designer. For those in a hurry, we offer a selection of ready-to-wear jewelry. The personalized jewelry is also enriched with many Crush Charms to make your jewel live and decorate it according to your moods.

A responsible approach PLEASE VALIDATE BY ADRIEN

In order to minimize its impact on the Earth, Talisman By has placed the valorization of existing precious materials (Up-cycling) at the heart of its philosophy and approach: - Recycled gold Ask Adrien to complete - Paving made from stone chips - Center stones bought in auction rooms or from suppliers who offer stones already worn or in stock for over 3 years - Materials (leather, wood, textile ...) from scraps or recycling - Valuation of stones belonging to our customers... La Maison has selected RJC certified workshops in France and Italy. To serve this same objective and invent the jewelry of the future, the company has chosen to place Research & Development at the heart of its thinking: valorization of existing materials, research into new materials, invention of new manufacturing processes ....

A jewelry house that places the ties that bind individuals at the heart of its concerns

Digital and accessible, bold in its invention of the customer experience, Talisman By is a jewelry house synonymous with sharing, emotion and sincerity. Welcoming and generous, Talisman By is also a grateful brand. It wishes to thank all those who, in one way or another, contribute to its influence. It has therefore created a TalisFriends program to thank all its friends, customers and ambassadors.

Our beliefs

Customised jewellery, the ultimate  in luxury experience

The Talisman By collections can be customized down to the smallest detail. Everyone is invited to create the jewel that resembles him or her, alone, with others or with the help of our design studio. Talisman By breaks the codes of traditional jewelry and pushes the possibility of this free creativity to the point of associating its name with the one who imagines its jewel. Talisman By embodies the quintessence of made-to-measure luxury, accessible to all, to be created and offered for a birth, a birthday, a celebration between friends, a wedding...

A jewel is full of meaning and symbolizes our links to others

Talisman By imagines jewelry collections that embody the bonds shared by two or more people, families or friends. Illustrating the union of the collective as much as the singularity of individuals, the jewel embodies a strong moment or a memory, signs an anniversary date. A rallying object within a tribe, a thread stretched in a family or friendly circle, it is also a code of belonging, embodied by a singular shield . Testimony of emotion and memories, stories of friendship or love, moments of life, it simply allows to feel the presence of a loved one, even when he is far away.

Talisman By, a new vision of jewelry, which places technology at the heart of the experience

Convinced that technology can serve emotion, Rachel Marouani, founder of Talisman By, has chosen to put it at the heart of the experience. At Talisman By, the first Digital Native Vertical Jewelry House, technology accompanies the customization, the embodiment of your ties, the sharing with your loved ones during the creation of your jewelry ...